Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny Equator = Not Cool

I like to turn the TV to channel 1 in my room every now and then.  It's just a map that shows our exact position, and then some info as far as speed, course, temperature, etc.  They have music in the background, and somehow they managed to find the songs that just kind of pump you up for a journey.  So it's always fun to turn that channel on, see the boat cruising on past Mauratania, and realize that I'm just cruising by Africa, probably the most mysterious continent still out there.
The first two days after we left Morocco, the sky was overcast and visibility was down to maybe 1/2 mile.  So it was pretty gloomy.  But then, on the 3rd day, it was gorgeous.  A few clouds in the sky, but all around pretty sunny.  After lunch I had an hour to kill, so I figured I'd get a nice base tan to get moving on my plan of being a bronze God by my return date in December.  So I laid out for about 30 mins, no more, and felt great.  Went to my two classes after, and then went to my cabin, and noticed I was looking pretty red.  By dinner time, I couldn't let anything touch my skin.  And for the past two nights, I've slept about 2 or 3 hours total, on my back, keeping my original position of when I originally got backed under the sun, since that is the only comfortable position I have left.  Lesson learned, never, never, NEVER, NEVER lay out under the sun near the equator with no sun block, even if its just for 30 mins.  I hope that I start to peel by Ghana, or else Ghana will be the most miserable country for me.  So wish me luck.
Also, I wrote this because I'm pretty bored at work right now.  I got a pretty cool gig, basically just working as needed.  Since the Regirstars office (I'm the Registrar's Assistant) is right next to the computer lab, I just chill in the computer lab, doing homework or surfing wikipedia (it's one of the few website we have for free).  But yea, not bad!
See ya after Ghana!