Monday, August 30, 2010


So I know that's the most cliche title I could have, but oh well.  Right now I'm with 606 students from 250 some universities, 62 lifelong learners, and 67 faculty/staff.  I've met too many people to mention on here, but the ship is pretty neat.  It's very nice and modern, and looks more like a hotel.  Even my room wasn't as small as I was expecting it to be.  I guess there's two hurricanes going through the Atlantic right now, and even though we're avoiding those, it seemed as soon as the ship doctor when up to talk about motion sickness we hit some pretty big swells. 
I'm going to be involved in a few clubs on the ship.  Photo club is what I'm most excited about, they'll just give us tips on taking some amazing photos of each port before we get into it.  I'll be doing soccer and dodgeball as part of the intramural sports, and I'm joining my shipboard "family".  Basically they pair a group of students with a few life long learners or faculty and that group acts as a family while we're on the ship.  Have dinners together, plan an afternoon in port, Thanksgiving together, etc.  Life long learners are anywhere from 30 and up, but most are 60+.  They're cool and interesting.  They got to come up with a name for there own sea (think residence halls((not dorms)), so while I'm in the Red Sea and others are in Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, etc., they decided to name their own sea the "Tip Sea".  That alone means they're all awesome. 
I need to get lunch so I'm off, and I promise this will get more exciting once I get back from Spain and have lots to tell.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 days til Halifax...

So I'm still being quite lazy about this packing thing, but in my mind I'm ready to go!  I realized that I did not provide much info on what Semester at Sea is, so here's a link to the website, and I'm sure I'll put some more info on.  My voyage (Fall 2010) will be listed as the current voyage soon and it will have a blog with videos an slideshows, so let me know if I pop up in one!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 days

I'm now down to 10 days left before I fly into Halifax, Canada and I'll be boarding the ship on the 26th, and we embark on the 27th!  I have done zero packing, so that is something I need to get on quickly.  Other than that, I'm excited for this to finally start!  I'll be posting as frequently as I can while on the ship to update all, but since internet if .48 cents a minute, it may not be that frequent.

However, here is my latest Itinerary, which will change frequently:

Board ship between 1-3 pm August 26 in Halifax, Canada.

Arrive 8am, September 4. 

Andalucian Flamenco Night 7:30 pm – 11pm September 4

September 6th-meet Amanda @ noon @ Lateral Restaurant: Fuencarral 43, 28004, Madrid, Spain 
Way Hostel: CRelatores 17, 28012 Madrid, Spain for night of the 6th.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel: Plaza Real 17, 08002 Barcelona, Spain for night of the 7th.
return to Cadiz on the 8th.

On ship-time 6pm, September 8.

Arrive 8am, September 10.

Marrakech & Nomad Camp with Camel Trek  (4 days/3nights) 10am Friday, 10 September – 5pm Monday, 13 September)

On ship-time 6pm, September 14.

Arrive 8am, September 22 

Welcome to Ghana: Overnight Visit to Winneba (On arrival, Wednesday 22nd to Evening of Thursday 23rd)

Nzulezo, A Water Village – Group B – 8am – 4pm Friday, 24th.

On ship-time 6pm, September 25.

South Africa
Arrive 8am October 3. 

Khayelitsha Township Visit – Group A – 1:30pm Sunday 3rd to 6pm
Cape Town, Apartheid & Robben Island – 9am – 6:45pm Monday, 4th
Visit to the University of Cape Town – 8:30am – 1:30pm Friday, 8th
October 5, 8:30am to 5:30 pm.  Wine tasting and Cheetah Sanctuary

Aquila 6th and 7th?

On ship-time 6pm October 8.

Mauritius  To quote Mark Twain, ''You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.''

Arrive 8am October 14. 

On ship-time 6pm October 15.

Arrive 8am October 22. 

Service Project: Dalit Work Project 12pm – 6pm Friday, 22nd
Taj Mahal & Varanasi Group A - 3:30 Saturday 23rd to 1am Wednesday, 27th             

On ship-time 6pm October 27.

Arrive 8am October 31. 

On ship-time 6 pm November 1.

Viet Nam
Arrive 8am November 3. 

HCM12 Ha Noi and Ha Long Bay: 5:30am Thursday 4th – 8pm Saturday 6th
ALT: HCM22 Cambodia: Phnom Penh & Angkor Wat 11am Thursday-10pm Saturday 

On ship-time 9pm November 7.

Hong Kong
Arrive 8am November 11.

On ship time 6pm November 16.

Arrive 7am November 19. 

On ship-time 7pm, November 23.

Arrive 7am Demember 3. 

On ship time 6pm December 6.

Embark ship December 13 in San Diego, California.