Monday, September 27, 2010

Emerald Shellback

As of 8:33am EST, or actually 12:33 GMT on Sunday, the 26th of September, I became an Emerald Shellback!  What is this honor?  It's very rare for someone to have the opportunity, but I can now say I was at the center of the world.  That was the time our ship came upon the exact spot where the Prime Meridian crosses the Equator, or 0 degree latitude/0 degree longitude.  The captain blasted the horn for about 30 seconds while we were on the exact spot, and since no shipping channels and no flight paths go over this spot, it's safe to say I'll never be there again.  It actually took the entire ship to beg the captain before he agreed to veer off course, but it's cool to say I've been there!  Definitine resume booster haha.  Tomorrow we have no classes and are celebrating Neptune Day, which initiates anyone who has never crossed the Equator and honors the god Neptune.  I'm about 85 percent sure I'll be shaving my head as tradition dictates...and I mean totally shaved, no hair at all :)
Stay tuned for pictures from Ghana, my new hairdo, and Neptune Day....