Friday, June 3, 2011

Long time coming, next up, South Korea..

I can't believe it's been almost six months since I stepped off the mv Explorer in San Diego, wrapping up the most adventurous and incredible semester of my life.  It was an incredible experience that I was blessed to be a part of, and I have more thoughts on it coming.  I've been busy working two jobs for the past few months while waiting to begin another adventure entirely...teaching English to 8 - 13 year olds at a school in Bucheon, just south of Seoul, South Korea!  However, for something that is just around the corner (May 26th I fly out) and such a huge undertaking, I know very little about what I'm getting myself into!  So much like Semester at Sea, a lot of what I need to know will come to me once the adventure already begins.  I imagine once I'm over there I'll have a lot more time to reflect and write about my experience with Semester at Sea, and of course to update all on my adventures in and around South Korea!

My flight leaves to Chicago from Detroit at 6:54am today (June 4, 2011).  From Chicago I travel to LA, and from LA I will arrive in Seoul at 6:30pm local time on Sunday, June 5 (or 4:30am Saturday Eastern time).  I'll be there for the next year, and will use this blog to keep all updated!  But unlike Semester at Sea, I'll have full internet access, so of course I'll be on Facebook and Skype quite often.  I already miss everyone and I haven't even left the states, but I'm very excited for this opportunity, so I just have to keep focusing on that excitement.  Once my internet is up and running at my apartment in South Korea, be ready to hear from me!